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Fishers of Men Expeditions, Inc., is a Christian Travel organization. We provide faith based travel and tours to worldwide destinations. We serve as an outdoor Travel Ministry for Church, Christian Organizations, and Church Missions for single, family and group travel.

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Dear Fellow Christian,

What I find in my walk with Jesus, is the desire to spend more time with like minded Christians. Not only in church or church functions, but in daily life, enjoying leisure time together. So, why not spend quality vacation time together with other God loving Christians? Not only for fun and enjoyment, but to build and strengthen our faith!

This website "Fishers of Men Expeditions" is designed with that goal in mind. We invite single, married, or Christian families, to plan vacations, sport, or travel time together with others who have the same interest in a particular activity, sport, or place in the world they love to visit.

Would you please help me...God talks to us all, and He has called me to organize this ministry. Please take a minute to fill out the trip survey. We will use this information to organize trips that may be of interest to you. We will then send you, via email, trip itineraries that reflect your interests. You can then request additional information, or reserve that trip.

Your feedback will help us plan these trips. Please be assured your information is confidential, and not shared with any person or organization. We do not require your street address or phone number. We will only communicate via email, unless you prefer via phone.

Explore our website. Click on SPECIAL EVENTS and the ADVENTURES link to see the diverse trips and vacation planning tools we offer. I also invite you to share your requests, thoughts, and ideas with us, so we may further develop this site. Our email address is info@fishersofmenx.com.

Thank you for visiting our website.

May you experience all the Best God has to offer...

Donald Pagano


Special !

Virgin Island Bareboat Sailing Trip




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