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Special Events Cruise with a Cause 2007 | Virgin Island Bareboat Sailing Charter


2006 was a HUGE success and a wonderful time was had by all 2300 passengers.  The ministry results were phenomenal! More than 1700 people made decisions for Christ on Grand Bahama Island. We had TBN's JCTV Network along with us and they filmed the entire trip for a reality series that will air in October.  TBN's Smile of a Child Network donated thousands of toys that the kids from the cruise gave to the Bahamian children as they entered the stadium for BahamaFest. We saw several of the Royal Caribbean employees impacted by the efforts of our "missionary cruisers". Over 5000 people were at BahamaFest 06 to hear the great music and message. It was so moving to see entire families brought to Salvation through Jesus Christ.  Over 90% of the people on the ship participated in the mission effort and more than 1600 people on the cruise were on their first foreign mission trip. It was amazing to witness racial, denominational, and social barriers become virtually nonexistent. It was a picture of the unity that Jesus spoke of in John 17.  The Cruise with a Cause was such a phenomenon that it was even featured in TIME MAGAZINE!

If you weren't with us last year now it's your turn to join us June 4 - 8, 2007 as we set sail once again for the Bahamas but this time we head for Nassau -- an island that is smaller in land mass but has three times the population of last year's destination, Grand Bahama Island.  The ministry opportunities will be tremendous as we visit the schools and host BahamaFest '07 in Nassau. We will again enjoy, Coco Cay the day after our mission effort.  We will be able to rest and relax in the fun and sun of Royal Caribbean's private island.


The lineup for the cruise this year is better than ever with the MOST DIVERSE offering of Christian artists and speakers EVER offered on a Christian cruise. 
Check out this amazing line up for 2007....

 As always...the Cruise with a Cause will have NO ALCOHOL or CASINOS. This makes it a the perfect family environment and ideal for graduating SENIOR TRIPS. We look forward to seeing you on this year's CRUISE WITH A CAUSE 2007!

◦Josh McDowell
◦Fred Hammond
◦The Crabb Family
◦Dr. Mark Chironna
◦Dr. Myles Munroe
◦David Phelps
◦Group 1 Crew
◦Route 43
◦David Greer
◦Patrick Dopson
◦Jeff Morris
◦Short Tee
◦Matthew West,
◦Aaron Shust,
◦Nicole C. Mullen,
◦Steve Borden
   aka  "STING"
◦Way of the Master ◦Julian Drive
◦Jamey Ragle
 ◦Michael Franzese
◦Jason Crabb
◦Sean McDowell
◦Dave Edwards



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